Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make Me A Mickey: Reflections on the Makings of an Icon

Imagine the birth of Mickey Mouse. From Walt's hand came the gleeful doodle; a spry little happy-faced guy who then sprouted earphones, perhaps inspired by the studio shadow. Soon the two combined, a suit added, and whimsically disproportionately-sized white gloves. A hefty handed mouse of a man was born, nascent but on the scene: soon to be singing and dancing onto every screen. Then, no matter what, at the center of everything - our iconic muse with which we have been branded...all this coming from a steady hand and a spark of genius with a fleck of gold to flick. Now, bigger than the Beatles, immortalized almost as much as Jesus; not as long-lived, but ubiquitous, with notoriety still stepping up the steep stone steps to idolatry.

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