Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mutiny Radio STATS are off the charts!

It's been a ripe year at Mutiny Radio!

Things are always evolving at Mutiny Radio, but what remains is a tight collective of DJs and supporters who continuously put out eclectic content & promote free speech in the form of 48 weekly shows, streaming around the planet on the internet at MutinyRadio.fm.

As the nature of radio expands, live listenership is not the mode of the day. It's all about the downloads. So, whether you and your family sit around the fireside and listen to your favorite podcasts, I know not. What I do know, is that PEOPLE ARE LISTENING, thanks to our fantastic volunteer statistician.

The monthly numbers are in for both the shows I run on Fridays at MutinyRadio.fm:
1. The Common Thread Collective, with Diamond Dave. Our weekly open mic, community building extravaganza. Friday 3-6pm
2. Women's Magazine with Global Val, in conjunction with KPFA 94.1, this is my weekly radio workshop highlighting women who are changing the world & issues that affect everyone. Fridays 2-3pm.

MARCH 2014
Common Thread Collective was #20 with 4,120 downloads
Women's Magazine was #32 with 3,261 downloads
TOTAL = 7,381

APRIL 2014
CTC #3 - 9,614 dwnls
WM #18 - 4,004 dwnls
TOTAL = 13,618

MAY 2014
CTC #14 - 4,865 dwnls
WM #20 - 4,233 dwnls
TOTAL = 9,098

JUNE 2014
CTC #8 - 5,925 dwnls
WM #17 - 5,370 dwnls
TOTAL = 11,295

JULY 2014:
CTC 6370 downloads
WM 6144 downloads
TOTAL= 12,514

AUGUST 2014 = 11,728
CTC is #6 show with 7003 downloads
WM is #16 with 4725
TOTAL = 11,728

SEPTEMBER 2014 = 11,071
CTC is #9 with 5861
WM is # 15 with 5210
TOTAL = 11,071

*Our shows not only grew in terms of downloads, but also, live listenership!
Common Thread Collective is the #2 show!
Women's Magazine is #15
TOTAL = 14,149

CTC #3 with 6,227
WM #23 with 3,229
TOTAL = 9,456

December 2014
CTC #3 = 7,482
WM #13 = 6,006
TOTAL = 13,488

JANUARY 2015 - Our biggest month of downloads yet!!!
CTC #3 = 12,261
WM #8 = 6,013
TOTAL = 18,274

FEBRUARY 2015 - A short month with some technical interruptions to our archives, but still great numbers :)
CTC #4 = 6,188
WM #11 = 5,319
TOTAL = 11,507

So, in a year's time, we've been able to reach a lot of people!
The Common Thread Collective was downloaded 84,340 times!
Women's Magazine was downloaded 59,239 times!

That's a grand total of 143,579 downloads of shows run by Global Val in the past 12 months...Woohoo!

So, THANK YOU to the folks who have downloaded our shows!

Also, thanks to everyone who has contributed to Mutiny Radio.


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In the words of Diamond Dave, "We be doin' it!"

Peace & Thank you,
Global Val

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Voice of Witness on Women's Magazine KPFA 94.1 - July 14th, 2014, 1-2pm

Pleased to be back on KPFA 94.1 "Women's Magazine" on Monday, July 14th 2014, 1-2pm.

Voice of Witness, a non-profit book series and education program that shares the oral histories of those involved in ongoing human rights and social justice issues. Join me as Diamond Dave and I talk to the Executive Director, Mimi Lok, who, along with VoW co-founder Dave Eggers, won the 2013 Smithsonian Ingenuity Award for Social Progress, for their work with Voice of Witness. We'll also speak with Audrey Petty, the Editor and Compiler of High Rise Stories: Voices from Chicago Public Housing, which shares the stories of people who used to live in the high rise projects that were torn down in the early 2000s as part of Chicago's Plan for Transformation. Sharing inspiration and the power of the personal story to tell otherwise untold perspectives that are so often hidden in conventional history and media.

There are several ways to listen LIVE:
KPFA 94.1 & kpfa.org
KPFB 89.3 FM
Comcast Digital Cable 967
iPhone: Public Radio App
Android: TuneIn Radio App
WebOS: Public Radio App

Peace & Thank You!
Global Val