Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Big Deal

The following poem appears in The Beat Museum Poetry Anthology, Volume 1 (2009), and is in response to the first $700billion Wall Street bailout in October 2008. It was written the evening before Congress voted in favor of the bailout.

"The Big Deal"

-Valerie Ibarra 10/03/08

buh-buh-buh billions 'n billions

go billowing out

well-funded measures

held only by clout

go whizzing away

as the printer press sticks

- remnants of abandoned industry -

but the grease is stuck onto the palms,

as we go begging alms.

"buh-buh-buh-buy me out!"

they scream and they shout

purveyors of crooked accounting

accredited with creating credit

- just so someone else can be indebted -

ditches dug & mudded out

steamy swamp

whose stench's time has come

let's now invert the 'ayes'

that have gone too far.

Unmatched blumbering

equivocal, but more pronounced stumbling

into treasure traps

and further laundering

power grasping its tail between its legs

so they can go on pestering & festering

slime on the walls confessing

to a hollowed face of Justice,

which must remind us

that it's time to take our vitamins

and redefine us!

buh-buh-buh-buh-bring back the color!

to the cheeks of Principle

spread good ideas without becoming criminal

purge the arteries

of this gluttonous construct

rise above the Placebo

the curtain is drawn

it's as clear as the fence on the

White House Lawn,

green as the eye hidden in fog

on the back of your $1 bill.

buh-buh-buh Black Tuesdays

looming up above

the tale's shaky

and I clearly felt a shove

somebody's pulling at the wool above

our eyes

- sheepishly sidestepping wolves in disguise -

tip-toeing to tip the scales

one more time

before the fix is in,

but the jig is up.

-VI 10/03/08