Friday, July 2, 2010

Jesus and the White Rabbit

Recently some people in the Midwest noticed a knot in a tree that they say resembles the face of Jesus Christ. This cult-ural phenomenon made the local news on the West Coast. Amazing that it was featured considering the incredible amount of actual events occurring around the globe, for example: the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico (do we have to call it the "Gulf of America" to get everyone's attention?!), the failing war efforts in Afghanistan where (surprise surprise) regional forces are steadily combining in response to misguided U.S. interference, public education and thus the future of our culture and economy is in crisis, the food industry with its bureaucratic seals of approval continue to poison and lie to the public and manipulate farmers, as well as the fact that children across the land are being solicited to 'play' violent street and war games that are decidedly distracting and deceivingly realistic.
So, if the channels of information are willing to funnel faces of fanaticism into the public eye, then I deserve my fluff piece of imagination to grace these pages as well.
Without further ado, I was flying over the Sierra Nevada mountains at 30,000 feet, and to my surprise, looked down to see the face of Grace Slick (from Jefferson Airplane) etched out in a snowy, rocky formation. Talk about 'logic' defying 'proportion'! I was seeing this while looking out past the huge hovering jet engine outside my window of a giant aluminium bird we call a commercial airliner. And there I sat, sipping my ginger ale, trying - among other things - to respectfully deflect the stench of the giant man next to me who had just finished gobbling down his $7 cheese plate. It's a wonder any of this ever works out. Curiouser and curiouser...
The funny thing is, I have some news of my own that I am hesitant to share with the surrounding public: I'm an American going to Cuba! But with the current degree of paranoia and systemic ignorance with which most Cold War-witnessing Americans have been indoctrinated, I have resolved myself to keep quiet. After all, it's still basically forbidden to travel to Cuba, and I don't really feel like explaining the ways or reasons why I have been approved for a visa to travel there legitimately. It's like being invited to a private party, and I don't want to flaunt my invitation nor create any delay to my arrival...especially because it is - I believe - a very important date.
There is a thin line between sharing one's excitement about something and having it matter. Many ideas, persons, and experiences are merely a drop in the bucket these days - and maybe always have been. That's part of what makes our conglomerate human experience so fascinating and wrought with mystery. One can never witness or know about everything, even if you only have an attention span that allows you to stare at a screen as images flash by you. That's why people have to dare to dream, follow intriguing paths, and tune into instincts that can never be programmed into a GPS.
Nevertheless, I want my imagination and intellect to be as newsworthy as the freak Jesus tree facade. I have an independent sense of perception, however, that apparently doesn't make the censors' archetypal cut. Now I'm waiting for the line, "I guess they do still serve nuts on planes." I know when I'm being given backhanded complimentary food for thought!
So, rather than extend these hijinx beyond anti-gravitational capacity, let me cloud your head with this: the less you observe and acknowledge about the world around and within you, the deeper into the rabbit hole you will tumble, free falling with no chance to grasp onto reality or the fate of your soul.
-V.I., flyin' high.

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