Tuesday, April 8, 2014

9th Annual Poems Under the Dome at San Francisco City Hall

- Poster by Chad Xavier -

Poems Under the Dome - 9th Annual Celebration of National Poetry Month at San Francisco City Hall


An open mic celebration of National Poetry Month. The 9th Annual Poems Under the Dome welcomes you to read a poem inside beautiful San Francisco City Hall in the North Light Court. Enter the free lottery at the event to read ONE poem in THREE minutes or less. FREE & open to all ages! Thursday, April 24th, 5:30-8pm. www.poemdome.net

Notes & Thanks:

"April is the cruelest month. " -T.S Eliot

Nine years ago, Diamond Dave Whitaker was sitting at Alamo Square, looking down at the freshly gilded dome of City Hall glistening in the sun, and declared, "What a great place for poetry!" After his epiphany, he called in the help of a few local poets, namely EK Keith & Charlie Getter, to help him realize this dream. They got on the task, and with the support of various Supervisors and the Mayor, were able to put together the 1st Poems Under the Dome in 2006.

Since then, with the dedication of EK, the primary organizer, and a group of volunteers, this special event hasn't skipped a beat (so to speak) and we're thrilled to invited ALL AGES to attend this FREE event on Thursday, April 24th, 5:30-8pm in the North Light Court inside San Francisco City Hall. It's the only event of its kind at City Hall - in that it is a free event for the public, welcoming participation.

Readers are selected by lottery at the event and at a handful of poetry open mics around town during the month of April. So come and put your name in the hat for one of the coveted 3-minute spots to read ONE poem of your choosing (an original or a favorite). The shorter your poem is, the more opportunity there is for others to get to read. Either way, it's a great chance to experience live poetry and the thriving poetic community of San Francisco!

This year, our current Poet Laureate of San Francisco, Alejandro Murguia, will read the first poem. We also have a small group of local youth who will help start off the evening. Names for the open mic will be drawn at various points throughout the evening, so we encourage you stick around, be patient and enjoy the show!

For more information go to www.poemdome.net

We want to thank John Avalos & the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor and the Sheriff's Office, and the SF Public Library for their continued support of this one-of-a-kind event, the mother of all open mics, inside City Hall, in celebration of National Poetry Month.


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