Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Intentions

With 2012 being a year that many have been anticipating as a time of change, I want to talk about some ways we can change the world. This can be both a top-down and a ground-up road to a healthier world.

Start BIG...
1. Nuclear Disarmament: War over weapons is absurd and hurts all of humanity and the planet. If humans can't get together and demand that the governments that purport to represent or protect us immediately HALT the manufacture and begin to disassemble all nuclear weapons, what else can we expect of ourselves?

2. Independent & Community Organic Farming: For the immediate benefit of self/family/community, this is something you can start in a pot of dirt smaller than your television. If anyone hopes to dislodge Big Agriculture - an industry that bullies American farmers and floods the market (and our bodies) with genetically modified, dusted with pesticide, overly processed foods - then you can start at home.

3. Stop Buying Crap You Don't Need with money You Don't Have: In other words, don't misuse your credit card to buy (plastic) crap that might only bring someone a 'disposable' moment of joy. There are better ways to make the people in your life happy. Furthermore, invest in what you need and not what you don't. Think about our shared environment, and be inspired to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

4. Human Reconnection via Less Dependence on Non-Human Contact: Let's use technology as a tool and not as a substitute for socialization. Teach your children to make eye contact and to step outside the boxes.

5. Reclaim Citizens' Rights in this Country: Refuse to accept the legitimacy of laws that work against the People by trying to compromise our birth rights. Brush up on The Bill of Rights and compare it to, say, The Patriot Act, the Supreme Court's decision in 'Citizens United', and the recent Defense Authorization Bill that tries to trump Habeus Corpus...and ask yourself, which one makes you feel safe?

6. Don't freak out!: If you're waiting for "the apocalypse" to bring fire & brimstone, you're gonna wake up the next day in a smokey wasteland...

...because we will become what we envision, find ourselves face to face with our focus and our distractions. So, look up, look deep and remind yourself of what we all want:
Peace in our communities. Healthy Resources. Love to nourish us.

Can you picture that...?

*This can be heard on The Common Thread Collective at www.mutinyradio.org on the Podcast from December 30, 2011. These will be running themes that will appear in future shows.

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