Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pirate Radio_A New Incarnation

Greetings from the underground!

The artists formerly known as "Pirate Cat Radio" have recently had the captain abandon ship! So, we've been working together to stay afloat. Thanks to the supreme skills and dedication of some wonderful individuals, our new collective is experiencing smooth sailing ~


Check out all the shows and evolution at: www. - and -

The "Common Thread Collective" with myself, Diamond Dave, and Dj Douglas streams LIVE on Fridays 3-6pm, and can be accessed via Podcast. You can also look for Mutiny Radio on iTunes under "Eclectic".

*Come be a part at the corner of 21st & Florida in the Mission District.
Politics.Art.Community_Discussions 3-4pm
Open Mic_Music & Poetry _ in the Cafe/Studio 4-6pm

"Cast a wide net, find the common thread, let life flourish, and don't panic, keep it organic!" - Diamond Dave Whitaker

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